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A nurse

Timberland Mens Leisure Shoes-35

Bought these for a geology field trip around many national parks and forests of New Mexico. These did not disappoint.Comfortable straight out of the box. As light as a sneaker,yet durable as a standard hiking timberland boots outlet. They are not waterproof but I didn't go slogging around in water. They are very breathable and did a fine job keeping my feet dry in the arid climate of New Mexico.The item is terrible the stitching in the right shoe is wrong. Every time I wear the shoe it feels like there is something in the bottom of the shoe. I would expect more from under Armour and Bc the company selling the shoe. For $99 I would expect a little more than that. If I had another pair of shoes besides my work cheap timberland boots I would return them as for a new pair and my money back for the inconvenience.This is the first under armour product which has been less than stellar for me. I work as a nurse and prefer light hiking timberland boots uk to wear for twelve hour or longer shifts. These shoes were very comfortable from the box and good looking. The synthetic leather upper has separated from the sole and the under layment however. This started the first day. I have shoe gooped them in this area and they seem to be holding together...but this is very disappointing. I would skip this shoe. Apparently I am not the only person to have this experience.High breathability and very light. I been wearing them at work for a few months and I like them, but, the durability is already questionable. I move around constantly on concrete and am already seeing separation between the sole and boot. I think it would be fine in a less mobile environment. They are not going to hold up as well as the tactical style discount timberland boots I normally wear. Not worth the price.