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Women's Timberland Roll Top Boots-Red Grey

My foot tends to be narrow and I also wear ach supports and the UA Tabor Ridge timberland work boots fit well and takes the arch supports well,my normal shoe size is between 10.5 and 11.0 as a result of this I wear a size 11 in most footwear. I ordered these boots in size 11. I would order the boots for your actual shoe size. they appear to be a boot that you could do some hiking in and also wear casually. they feel good at the ankle, the toe and the sole, they feel stable while walking, I can snug these mens timberland 6 inch a little with a slightly thicker sock filling the small gaps,they are light enough for all day wear. The laces for these boots may need to be upgraded as they are pulled around two open grommets on either side of the boot I have found in the past on other boots that this tears up the laces but overall I'm satisfied with this purchase.These are very nice shoes and fit my grandson perfectly. I ordered the exact size that he wears in other shoes. They don't slip on his heel and don't rub anywhere on his foot. He is only three but he can actually put these on himself after a little bit of practice. He is quite impressed with them because they remind him of his Daddy's Vans!The quality of these shoes is impeccable. All of the stitching is very well done. The quality of all the workmanship is great. We have the navy and it is exactly the color and shade I expect to see when I purchase something that color. I love the timberland roll top of these. He is a runner and these have a great soles on them that help to keep him from slipping. They look adorable with or without socks and can be worn with almost any type of clothing. We are trying to keep them somewhat clean so he can wear them with his Easter outfit, (it is a little dress shorts outfit). I highly recommend these. My other grandson saw them and wants some too. I guess Grandma may need another pair!I bought these pairs for my 7 years old,they arrived on time. The shoe fit perfectly fine, and the sizes seem right on. she usual wears a size 12 us . they look great with her dresses as well as tutus/pants.She is so in live with these winter timberland boots she will not take them off. It's been over a week and so far they are holding up well.